Leadership Pinellas

We are an issue-oriented learning program that promotes personal growth, leadership opportunities, interchange of ideas about our county, and enthusiasm for services to the community.

Program Overview

The program is launched with a class orientation retreat, which challenges and motivates participants for the program year. The year is comprised of nine monthly program days and a three day trip to Tallahassee during legislative session. Five of the program days are topic-based and four are region-based.

The topic-based days include Pinellas County History, Human Services, Health, Criminal Justice, and Emergency Services. To fully understand and appreciate each of these topics, seeing the whole picture is critical. On the other hand, the region-based days highlight Education, Government & Infrastructure, Business & Technology, Environment & Tourism, and Arts & Culture in a way that allows you to see the uniqueness of different areas of the county. The region-based days include North Pinellas, Clearwater, Mid-Pinellas, and St. Petersburg.

The class retreat is usually held in mid-August and program days are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month, September through May. The three-day trip to Tallahassee is contingent on the schedule for the legislature. Proposed program dates are confirmed each year prior to the first recruitment social for potential class members to solidify their commitment.

Graduation from the program requires full attendance of the class retreat, Tallahassee trip, and eight of the nine program days. If more than one program day is missed, it must be made up the next year to complete the program. Additionally, class members are required to participate in a class project and complete a ride along with a Pinellas County law enforcement agency.