Our organization connects the leaders within our community, enhances civic knowledge, enriches leadership skills, and strives to find solutions to better serve our community.

Leadership Pinellas

From our current class receiving inside access to our county’s government, companies and organizations to our alumni staying connected through our professional network, Leadership Pinellas enhances knowledge, self-awareness, and community involvement.

LP Snapshot

Cultivate a more expansive knowledge of Pinellas County in this two-day taste of our primary nine-month program. Snapshot is well-suited for those who want to build more connections, who are new to the community, or who are intrigued with Leadership Pinellas.

Youth Leadership Pinellas

A series of interactive days designed to educate high school teens on community resources and issues, develop excellence in leadership, build teamwork skills, and foster involvement in community services.

Leadership Institute

An exclusive program available to Leadership Pinellas alumni interested in significantly improving their leadership effectiveness … be introduced to tools, resources, visioning, and strategic planning models helping accelerate your leadership influence.