LP Snapshot

What is the Snapshot Program?

Snapshot is designed for executives, professionals, and community leaders who live or work in Pinellas County and are interested in broadening their knowledge of our community while connecting with influential stakeholders. Cultivate a more expansive knowledge of Pinellas County on January 24 – 25, 2019 in this two-day taste of our primary nine-month program. Snapshot is well-suited for those who want to build more connections, who are new to the community, or who are intrigued with Leadership Pinellas.

Benefit from an accelerated understanding of community issues, initiatives and systems affecting our quality of life through panel discussions, site visits of various institutions, and behind-the-scenes tours with a variety of decision-makers and influencers. The program grants participants with a sampling of what their experience in Leadership Pinellas is about through an expedited learning experience on these topics affecting our community. The second day will end with a discussion of key things learned tied to our Leadership Pinellas Institute and a class reception with Leadership Pinellas Board of Directors hosted by Great Bay Distributors. The program cost is $495, due upon completion of your registration form.

The segments highlighted in the 2019 program will include:

  • Design Solutions Arts and Cultures Provide
  • Designing, Preserving & Developing Our Environment & Tourism
  • Patient-Centered Innovation, Leadership & Transformation in Healthcare
  • Diversity and Inclusion Permit Human Services to Work at Home
  • Competitive Advantage and Personal Growth Through Education
  • Managing Perceptions & Realities Associated in the Evolving Justice System
  • When Disaster Strikes
  • Pause, Process & Performance of Government & Infrastructure
  • Comprehensive Response for a Sustainable Foundation in Business & Technology
The Snapshot Program inspires participants to utilize their experiences to become more effective leaders and stewards of Pinellas County. Email [email protected] for more information or apply online today!

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