LP Snapshot

Please complete the form below to register for our Snapshot program. Your $495 payment for the program will be collected when you’ve completed this form. If you prefer to complete a printable PDF form and mail a check, please click here.

  • Please list up to five civic, governmental, political, religious or other activities in which you have played an active role and clearly define your duties in the last 10 years only. Do not include memberships or anything listed in other sections. Click the plus sign to add another row.
    OrganizationPosition HeldAccomplishmentsDates (To/From) 
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  • Past employment, organizations in which you are, or have been active, and special interests.
  • Share a specific experience in the past three to five years, where you were called upon to use a specific leadership skill to accomplish a significant result. In your response, specifically outline the value and relevance of the role you played.
  • I will devote the time necessary to meet LP Snapshot graduation requirements. I will attend seven of the nine program segments of the LP Snapshot sessions which are required to graduate. I will continue to stay involved in our community to the best of my ability and serve as an ambassador by sharing my knowledge and skill set with others. By checking the box below I agree to this program commitment.
  • This application has the approval of my organization and I have their full support, which includes the time required to fully participate in the program.