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Community Partner

Pinellas Sheriff’s Police Athletic League

About the Partner

The Pinellas Sheriff’s Police Athletic League opened its doors in 2001, and is currently providing tutoring, mentoring and sports activities at the PAL Sports Complex, and the PAL Connection Center in mid-Pinellas County.

PAL is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and relies in large part on donations from the community and the private sector to support the program. Grants from the Juvenile Welfare Board, generous business partners and other donors fund the services and opportunities PAL provides.

PAL Welcomes the support of our community as we serve children who seek adult guidance, enjoy sports, or need after school help

Class Project

Class members will help renovate and fix up a newly aquired football field, concession stand and utility shed.

Community Partner

Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation

About the Partner

The Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation was created to help at-risk youth achieve academic, social and economic success by remaining engaged in their education and acquiring the practical skills to excel. The Foundation supports the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy, which is a Public Private Partnership School that serves fourth through eighth grade students who are not achieving at their grade level, have low self-esteem or have difficulty adjusting to their academic environment. The Foundation also operates The Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club and Sports Complex located on the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy campus in Clearwater, Florida. The After School Program includes curriculum programs from the Boys and Girls Club and The First Tee of Clearwater.

Class Project

Class members will assist the Foundation operate their concession stand at the Valspar PGA Tour Event located at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club from March 11 through March 13, 2016. Located at the 19th Hole Michelob Ultra tent (near the 18th Green) volunteers will serve food and beverage concessions to the public. Each hour worked earns funds for Chi Chi’s First Tee of Clearwater Lifeskills program. The shifts are 8:00am – 3:00pm and 11:00am – Close. This is a “limited” tent, meaning volunteers will not be doing any cooking. Before or after their schedule shift time, volunteers are able to walk the Innisbrook Copperhead course and enjoy in the Valspar Championship festivities.

Community Partner

Clearwater Free Clinic

About the Partner

Since 1977, the Clearwater Free Clinic has provided problem oriented health care to low-income uninsured residents of upper Pinellas County by means of office visits, medications, lab work, x-rays, and specialty referrals. The Clinic, a volunteer driven non-profit, non-government medical facility, provides primary health care at no cost to those who do not qualify for government assistance and who cannot afford private medical care.

The majority of the patients at the Clinic are hard working people with limited incomes or low paying jobs. Their income excludes them from receiving government assistance, yet prohibits them from affording private health care or insurance. Without the aid of the Clearwater Free Clinic, these uninsured residents would turn to emergency rooms for non-emergent care, at a great cost to themselves and the hospitals. More upsetting is that many of the uninsured will often ignore significant health problems until a crisis occurs, not wanting to incur debt. This is where the Clearwater Free Clinic is able to help.

Class Project

A Health Fair is one of the best ways to promote Leadership Pinellas’ visibility and do something great for the betterment of our community. Health Fairs have become increasingly popular over the last few years given the soaring rates of heart disease, obesity, and cancer threatening the health of Americans. By planning a health fair and promoting the event, the LP class of 2016 can benefit the lives of those in our community who are most in need, create a lasting impact and provide positive exposure for our organization.

  • Increase visibility of health and wellness resources in the community
  • Increase personal health awareness
  • Provide a variety of health screenings and education
  • Increase awareness of local and state health services and resources
  • Motivate participants to make positive health behavior changes
  • Teach self-care practices
  • Identify participants for health programs

Target Audience:

Low-Income individuals and families. Focus on activities and instruction that are little or no cost.

What is a Health Fair?

Health fairs are just what they sound like — events with booths, activities, and presentations designed to show attendees a good time while also educating them in the interest of leading healthier lifestyles. The term “infotainment” is sometimes used for an event of this kind. Health fairs are generally scheduled for a day when people will appreciate being outdoors, though the event can also be held indoors at the discretion of the planning committee

Ideas for Health Fair Activities:


  • Screenings: blood cholesterol (total, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides)
  • blood glucose
  • blood pressure
  • skin cancer
  • lung capacity
  • vision screening
  • glaucoma screening
  • hearing tests
  • foot
  • Back Health, hosted by a local chiropractor.
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety (Local Law Enforcement)
  • CPR & First Aid Demonstrations by EMTs, with ambulance tour (SunStar)
  • Dental Care, hosted by local dentist or dental hygienist (Community Dental Clinic).
  • Handwashing Importance, using glitter, one bowl with soap and water, and one bowl with just water, demonstrating that “germs” (glitter) is easier to remove with soap and water than with water alone.
  • Poisonous Animal Awareness hosted by Poison Control or local veterinarians.
  • Skin Cancer Prevention, hosted by dermatologist.
  • Tobacco Use Prevention/Cessation (State)
  • Upper Body Massage
  • Booths from agencies, such as the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Arthritis Foundation, Asthma And Allergy Foundation, YMCA, Florida Department of Health, etc.
  • LifeLink


  • Healthy Grocery Shopping and Diet, presented by a nutritionist.
  • Healthy Cooking, presented by a local chef.
  • Exercise Demos: Stretching, The Benefits of Stretching, presented by a fitness instructor, coach, or gym teacher.
  • Home Remedies

Other Ideas

  • Fun Run or Walk or Bike-a-Thon
  • Exercise Extravaganza: Demos of Zumba, Cize, Stretching techniques, etc. large scale group demos or classes with participation
  • Public parks and recreation facilities awareness
  • Self Defense Demo
  • Martial Arts Demo
  • Get Healthy Bake Sale
  • Give-a Ways: Blenders, NutriBullet, Microwave, Steamer Baskets, Pedometers, Cooking Tools, Scales etc.
  • 30 Day Health Challenge