Mid-Pinellas Day Class of 2022

by Donielle Marco ’22

Mid-Pinellas Day was jam-packed with information but definitely a favorite so far! Could be because it ended with such DIVINE chocolate, but I’m biased.

We started at the St. Pete/Clearwater airport where we learned about their history, their success, and their hopes to expand. We had the awesome experience of spending time with TSA agents who showed us their bag X-ray process, allowed us to see their systems, and provided insight on what items we can legally carry on a plane. We then headed over to Central Park Performing Arts Center where we ate lunch, met Shelly Beach, Clerk of Court, and had an open panel discussion with elected city officials and the Pinellas County Commissioner.

This was such an amazing opportunity for us as leaders in our community because we didn’t just get to meet these individuals, we also learned who to go to when issues in our communities arise. We also gained insight about the ways those issues are handled, and we were encouraged to speak up and be a part of the processes that make our communities better. Such an invaluable opportunity!

After talking political trash, we headed to Pinellas County Solid Waste and got to see 20-30 feet of trash. We learned how some trash is turned into energy and then resourced, and we also learned about recycling and disposing options.

Stop #4 was to the Pinellas Realtor Organization for a presentation on the Realtors® in Pinellas County, what they do, and how to become one.

Our final stop, because the best was saved for last, was William Dean Chocolates. Not only did we get to tour the kitchen where we saw and learned about how he makes his popular chocolate, but we got to hear all about his relationship with Whoopi Goldberg and his chocolate’s cameo in “The Hunger Games” movie. Best of all, we were offered a taste test of all the different chocolates and ended the trip with our choice of gelato!