ALL NEW LP Inaugural Mentor Program

Cyndee Haydon
Class of ‘08

As we get ready to kick-off this year’s Leadership Pinellas program days, we are excited to announce the launch of the new 2019 Leadership Mentor Program. This program includes respected community leaders and LP alumni who are generously volunteering their time this year to help this year’s class focus on being “The Best Leaders Ever.” Over the years we have found that graduates of Leadership Pinellas have valuable wisdom, insights, experiences, and encouragement they can share with someone going through the Leadership Pinellas program today. During the Class Retreat, the class learned about Strengths-Based Leadership and the 5 Levels of Leadership. Classmates gained very specific guidance and ideas about how to incorporate this learning to get the most out of this year’s LP program. Mentors will reinforce this learning.

The goal for our new Leadership Mentor Program is for both the LP alumni and the LP class member to have another impactful connection within the organization and an opportunity to learn from each other. For mentors, it’s to encourage and inspire the class member to be active and get the most out of the program now and to support the enhanced leadership training we have implemented this year as part of their experience. It will give our LP alumni an opportunity to learn more about all the new things our current LP program now offers.

The Leadership Mentor Program pairs an active LP alumni with a new LP class member as their leadership mentor. I am so grateful to announce our inaugural leadership mentors and appreciate their willingness to pay it forward to a new leader in this year’s Leadership Pinellas Class of 2019. If you’d like to know more about this program and being a Leadership Mentor in the future please feel free to reach out to me, Cyndee Haydon, your 2019 Leadership Pinellas President. My number is 727-710-8035.

Each LP Program Day we will be giving the Class members a backstage pass to Pinellas County and also helping them develop their leadership skills and leadership effectiveness. Our goal this year is to be intentional about how we model, lead, mentor and arrange for them to experience that backstage pass on your LP Program Day.  I am asking each of you to incorporate the Leadership Pinellas Institute’s B E S T Leaders Ever Model developed by Andrea Henning and Dev Pathik. Our goal is to not only be known as the “Best Class Ever,” but to also grow into the “Best Leaders Ever!” Here’s how we can use the concepts of the model on each Program Day using the BEST acronym.

Building Effective and Impactful Leaders by inviting the class to capture Top 3 Key Learnings and Top 3 People they will share ideas with; On the LP Program Day evaluations this year we will ask how they will apply the Top 3 Key Learnings to their individual goals and our LP Goals. (Gaining Knowledge and Focus on Application)

Engage Leaders to Help Leaders because every Program Day will offer opportunities for Civic and LP Networking. Every LP Program Day provides opportunities for reflection and accountability with their Accountability Partner, Mentor and the Program Day Committee. (Collaboration and Accountability enhanced)

Serve Community because every LP Program Day has the opportunity to reinforce progress on serving the community through their LP Class Project and / or expanded Community Projects. (Reinforcing the Impact Leaders have as an individual and collectively)

Track Results and every LP Program Day we will give the LP Class an opportunity to Celebrate and Communicate Successes. (Effectiveness demonstrated through Success)