It’s About You and It’s About Time

Bob Childress
Class of ‘11

Do you remember the first day you met your new classmates for your Leadership Pinellas year? Do you remember the friendships you made and experiences you had and how those have, in part, changed your life for the better? Whenever I talk to alumni about their year, there is always this smile that crosses their face and the stories are soon to follow.

In my first article to you, my fellow alum, I want to offer you something I consider to be very special. Many of you I have met over the last seven years and have commented that you wish there was something you could do, but don’t know what you could do or how to get plugged in. There are opportunities that are coming where you could use your gifts and talents to help Leadership Pinellas become one of, if not the greatest, leadership program in the state. I know I know, the big “C” word. Usually, there is the traditional pause when asked to give of your time, but we want to make COMMITMENT simple and fun again. We want you, the alumni, to consider using your gifts and strengths in a small project environment where you would work with other alumni in the creation of something great and do it with no more than a three to five-hour commitment stretched over the course of a whole year. No board meetings required! It literally will be that simple. This will engage you again with Leadership Pinellas, reunite you with classmates, and allow you to meet alumni from other years as well.

Details will be coming soon on how you can jump on to projects, but if you have some ideas you would like to help develop and would like to reach out to me before then, please email me at [email protected] with a subject line of LEAD ON PROJECTS! I truly hope you will come along with us on this new journey, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Lead On!