President’s Message April 2018

Georgie S. Menke ’09

Dear Fellow Leadership Alumni, Board Members, and Class Members:

This month we received an interactive view of what the local law enforcement officers do. We were able to see the tools that the men and women of law enforcement use daily. We started at the newly renovated Clearwater Police Department Range. The SWAT team sure gave us a show! They showed us the rope course, how they enter buildings for warrants, and the proper use of firearms. SWAT moved over when the big boys came out to play – the K9s! We watched as the K9s interacted with their handlers in many different ways. We were witnesses of a normal traffic stop that turned into the “bad guy” running into the bushes and being brought out by a K9. BUCK, thank you, sir, for taking some time with us to show us how it is done. It is amazing what our military and local law enforcement do to keep us safe and sound. 

From Leadership Pinellas, we thank you for all you do to ensure our safety. Thank you to State Attorney Bernie McCabe and Public Defender Bob Dillinger for coming out to speak to the class and give us a brief overview of the 6th Judicial Circuit. Many thanks to this year’s Criminal Justice Committee: David Danzig ’16, Eric Gandy ’17, Matt Evans ’17, Scott Ferguson ’17, Lori Hedman ’15, Rich Nalven ‘17, Marilyn Miller ’17, Darrin Johnson ’14, Evan Frayman ’06 and Judge Kimberly Campbell ‘05.

It is election time, if you have not received your ballot please contact Jennifer at [email protected] and she will get that to you. We are also looking for nominations for the Deborah Vincent award. You can also send those nominations to Jennifer.


Georgie Menke
Your President