Message from Your President-Elect

Cyndee Haydon
President Elect
Class of ‘08

We need you! March is a busy month and Seema Ramroop and I are co-chairing the recruitment committee for Leadership Pinellas. We could really use your help over the next month as we hold our Recruitment Socials to find the best candidates for Leadership Pinellas Class of 2019.

Everyone working on this year’s recruitment and selection are committed to the mission of Leadership Pinellas which is to develop and enhance community leadership by providing a diverse group of emerging and existing leaders with the opportunity to increase their community knowledge, civic network, and perpetuate their service to the community. This year, we have set out to be intentional in our efforts which have typically just been word of mouth by members, and we are doubling down to get the word out there with a focus on having our class represent our mission and the population of Pinellas County.

We are working hard to extend our community outreach and utilize our network of friends and professional contacts to seek suggestions on how and where to promote Leadership Pinellas to best reach as many people as possible in order to ensure a balanced mix of different professions, ages, genders, race etc. This is where you can be a huge help. When we are choosing our next class (and all future classes), we are striving to achieve an end result that is a balanced mix of people which again reflects the Pinellas County community as a whole.

Thinking about it now, which organizations in Pinellas County should we be reaching out to? Who do you know that would help us reach more diverse community leaders? I know you know of good candidates and organizations we can reach – would you be willing to send them our flyer or make the personal invite to one of our recruitment socials? I appreciate your time and consideration to help us bring the best candidates to Leadership Pinellas this year and into the future. Please email any ideas or contacts for us to follow up on to Jennifer at [email protected].

We are also looking for LP Alumni to volunteer for 30 mins (1/3 of the social) to work the Program Day Tables – please email Jennifer if you can help with that. Below are the dates and a sneak peek at this year’s Alumni speakers.

The LP Recruitment Socials are:
March 20 from 5:30-7 p.m. at Ruth Eckerd Hall and Chief Anthony Holloway will be our LP Alumni Speaker
April 3 from 7:30-9 a.m. at Ruth Eckerd Hall and Mayor Woody Brown will be our LP Alumni Speaker

Please email any ideas or contacts for us to follow up on to Jennifer at [email protected].

Thank you,
Cyndee Haydon