Leadership Institute

The inaugural Leadership Institute was held on Jan. 27. Participants engaged in leadership strength assessment and implementation, set personal goals, and took a leap of faith with the support of the group.

“My biggest takeaway from the day is to stop listening to yourself and start talking to yourself. In other words, start being you own coach and quit listening to you own fears and insecurities. There are so many things that the experience has indelibly left with me. Every moment was incredibly worthwhile. I would encourage everyone to spend the time and energy and commit to a day of true self-exploration and development. The time spent was truly worth it.” -Karen Skiratko ’07

“Many thanks to the team of people who conceived the idea of the Leadership Institute. They discovered a way to re-engage all LP graduates with the value of learning and have continued the development of leadership in our community.” -Cary Stiff ’81

This highly successful event was presented by
Dev Pathik ‘ll of Sports Facilities Advisory,
Andrea Henning ’15 of St. Petersburg College Collaborative Labs, and
Joe DeRing’ 17, Empower Adventures of Tampa Bay.

Look for more Leadership Institute opportunities in the future. It’s a program not to be missed!